Sampler Saturday: The T(r)oll Bridge


The T(r)oll Bridge
by Elizabeth, age 12


“Hello!” said a voice.

Elizabeth, Espio and Roxie looked up into the face of a troll.

“It’ll cost one gold coin to cross my bridge,” the troll said.

Roxie pulled out the bag of copper coins that she found in the coffin room. “Here,” she said. “It’s not gold, but it should do.”

“Two gold coins,” said the troll, smacking the coin out of Roxie’s hand.

Roxie’s jaw dropped to the ground.

“Let me handle this one,” said Espio.

He began to vanish before Elizabeth, Roxie, and the troll’s eyes! Very quickly, Espio dashed across the bridge.

Hearing his footsteps, the troll lifted the bridge, thinking Espio was still on it. But Espio had run so fast, that he was already safe on the other side!

Roxie jumped up, kicking the troll in the face, causing him to drop the bridge.

“Nice kicks, girl!” Espio said, turning visible on the other side of the chasm.

“Thanks!” Roxie replied, smacking the troll with her long tail.

Espio threw an explosive shuriken star at the troll, and the troll fell down during the explosion.

“Now how are we gonna get across?” asked Roxie.

She and Elizabeth looked down. The bridge was nothing more than a tiny dust speck in the distance.

But… they had forgotten about…


Roxie climbed on Elizabeth’s back just as the slime spilled out on the ledge. Elizabeth flapped her wings.

“I hope I’m not too heavy!” Roxie called to the girl.

Elizabeth was off to a very bad start, but finally they were airborne. The slime nearly touched Roxie’s long tail!

Elizabeth looked down. The troll was returning, and he was as cranky as Espio would be if he was interrupted from meditation! He also seemed to be surrounded in a gust of wind!

“Hang on, Roxie!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “There’s a gust of wind coming! I can feel it!”

A strong gust of wind had blown the two much higher!

“Here!” Espio shouted. “Grab on!” His long, pink tongue darted out for Elizabeth to grab on to! Elizabeth’s stomach churned just at the thought of grabbing onto that slimy thing! She had no time to object, though – This was a do-or-die situation! Espio was trying to help her… and Roxie.

With nothing to lose, Elizabeth grabbed onto Espio’s long, slimy, sticky tongue, and Espio pulled the two down to safety.

“Was the only thing I could think of…” Espio said.

“You had a great idea.” Elizabeth replied, wiping her hands on her pants. “Thanks.”

The three continued on their way.

A cyclops confronted them in the next room!

Elizabeth pulled out her sling, and loaded a stone into it.

Then she hesitated and thought.

‘I have a sling, Espio has a sword. But poor Roxie has no weapon at all! I should at least let her use this.’ Elizabeth gave Roxie the sling. “Here, Rox. Why don’t you take a swing at this?”

Roxie took the sling and smiled. Checking to make sure there was a stone inside, she twirled the sling over her head and let the stone fly! It hit the cyclops right smack in the eye!

“Not baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!” Elizabeth said.

Espio too was impressed. ‘Not bad for an amateur!’ He thought.

There was a well, and Roxie turned the crank, pulling up a bucket. There was a silver gauntlet inside, and she took it.

Elizabeth opened a door that the cyclops was guarding and the three continued on.

They were standing in another hallway, greeted by three doors.

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