Sampler Saturday: The Trouble With Slime


The Trouble With Slime
by Elizabeth, age 11


Everyone stepped back!

Espio was getting ready to puke – the slime was so gross! It looked and bubbled like quicksand.

Green quicksand.

Quicksand that someone had thrown up in.

Then came a heartstopping moment… the slime, green as Roxie’s scales but far more disgusting, started to spread. It had melted away the sole of Espio’s right shoe.

‘Oh NO!’ Espio thought. ‘I didn’t think this would happen! I’m doomed! We’re all doomed!’ Espio quickly jumped onto a coffin. Elizabeth, spotting him, got an idea. “Follow Espio!” she exclaimed.

Everyone climbed onto coffins and made their way into the next room, which was full of mirrors. Three mirrors were fastened to the wall, one of them different from the others…

“Hey, you two!” Roxie exclaimed. “Don’t congratulate yourselves yet… LOOK!”

The slime was oozing through the door and into the mirror room!

Espio looked around, and saw a trapdoor, open and everything.

“Down here!” Espio exclaimed. He jumped down the trapdoor and landed heavily on the stone floor below. “Elizabeth, down here!” he exclaimed.

Elizabeth looked down. “Espio?”

“Hurry!” the chameleon replied, for the force field that Elizabeth had created to hold the slime back had sprung a leak and slime was oozing out!

“Oh, here.” Elizabeth said, tossing Espio a spare shoe.

“Oh thanks!” he said, removing the melted shoe and putting on the spare one. He tossed the old shoe into the slime, which had fully engulfed the shoe in five seconds.

Spreading her wings like a parachute, Elizabeth floated down the trapdoor. Roxie followed suit, but with no wings to gently carry her down she landed with a thump!

Elizabeth opened a door on one end of the room, and went through it. A wraith stood in front of her. Very slowly, Elizabeth reached for a cloak hanging next to the door and left, closing the door behind her.

‘If I don’t attack him first, the slime definitely will!’ Elizabeth thought. She took Espio and Roxie’s hands, then teleported them all into a room, which was burning with fire.

The slime had slipped through a hidden door behind one of the mirrors, and extinguished the flames burning within the room before Elizabeth could toss her crystal sphere, which could freeze things, into the fiery pit.

Running across a bridge that was spanning the room, Elizabeth opened a door at the other end, and she, Espio and Roxie all ran into the next room, which was nothing more than a large abyss with a single bridge spanning it.

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One thought on “Sampler Saturday: The Trouble With Slime

  1. Michelle

    Awesome Elizabeth!
    I really appreciate your Mom sharing your writings. I’ve come to looking forward to reading your stories.

    Love, Michelle


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