Sampler Saturday: Roxie

CHAPTER 3: Roxie
by Elizabeth, age 11


“Who’s there?” A voice asked.

“The dragon must’ve held someone prisoner!” Espio exclaimed.

There in a corner, curled up like a ball, sat a form of reptile! She was green, with two yellow horns on her forehead. Her tail, which was longer than the rest of her body, had ring marks around it like those of a raccoon. Unlike Espio, her tail wasn’t coiled as much as his was – She seemed to be an iguana… or a basilisk…or something! There were yellow spikes running down her back…and tail! Her eyes were as purple as Espio’s shoes.

“My name is Roxie and OHMYGOODNESS! IS THAT A CHAMELEON?!?!?”

Espio swallowed hard and backed away.

“OHMYGOODNESS! IT IS A CHAMELEON!!!” Roxie pounced on Espio and hugged him very tightly.

Espio could barely keep his balance! “YIKES, LADY! ARE YOU MAD!?” he hollered.

“I just love you so MUCH!!!” Roxie exclaimed.

Espio was thinking about shoving her off, but Espio was male, Roxie was female, and boys were never allowed to hit or even harm girls.

After five minutes that seemed like an hour for the poor hapless, desperate ninja, Roxie finally loosened her grip and ran up to Elizabeth. Espio fell to the floor, gagging.
“Cooties!” He said weakly and quietly to himself. “*Gasp!* I’ve been poisoned by COOTIES!”

Roxie however, was jumping up and pleading, “Can I please join your party? Please?Please?Please?Please?Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???”

“No…Don’t let her come…Leave her here…” Espio said, gasping.

Elizabeth considered. “Roxie, I tell you what: you may join us if you promise not to harass Espio too much.”

Roxie hung her head and put her hands in front of her. “I promise.” She said.

“Pinkie promise?”

“Pinkie promise.”

Elizabeth and Roxie interlocked pinkies.

“Welc -…”

“Wait.” Espio stepped forward. “Roxie,” he said, “you may join if you pinkie promise me too.”

The two interlocked pinkies.

“Pinkie promise.” Roxie said.

“Welcome to the team!” Elizabeth exclaimed.

So the three left the dungeon together.

They kept walking, pausing only to open doors or collect items. The three had now passed through one of the three doors and it led into a room full of coffins.
Elizabeth and Roxie opened two of them, the one Elizabeth opened contained a mummy, the one Roxie opened contained a bag full of copper coins. Elizabeth took her lit torch and put it close to the mummy. It had burned away, revealing a beautiful, golden scepter. Espio opened a coffin and a gelatinous green substance oozed out. It looked like something The Blob would think of as a girlfriend.

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