Phone Update

I’m going to be canceling my landline service in the near future. I’ve only kept it this long because I don’t get cell range at home, or thought I didn’t, but I’ve recently discovered that I get four bars on my cell if I’m in the new addition, facing North, standing on one foot and wearing a hat. Score! That’ll save me a chunk of money every month, even though I’ll have to buy an external phone speaker to amplify my crappy little Tracfone’s volume.

As an added bonus I won’t have to talk to women trying to get hold of Steve anymore, or men who think they’re calling Steve’s house and mistake me for one of his women. (And not always the woman he’s currently living with, which somehow still annoys me even though I’m not the one he’s cheating on now.)

ANYWAY, If we’re friends you probably already have my cell number, but if you don’t and you want it drop me an email and, if we’re friends, I’ll give it to you. I’m not sure exactly when my landline service will end, but it’ll be soon.

Transition to wall-drawing cave-dweller: 63% complete.

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2 thoughts on “Phone Update

  1. kendall

    still keeping wireless internet, right?


  2. Debora

    Somehow this comment got waylaid in my spam queue. Yep, wireless internet is a must-have, even for us po folk. :^)


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