Getting To Mexico

In my last post I mentioned the wonderful sermon Pastor Bill gave last Sunday and how it reminded me of why I love this little fellowship and its Pastor so much. I want to add a link to the mp3 recording of that sermon, since I know that some of my out-of-town friends might enjoy listening to it.

I feel like I should…prepare them first, though. Most of my out-of-town friends were raised in “high church” religions, and are very comfortable in traditional Catholic/Episcopalian/etc settings. Backcountry Christian Fellowship is exactly as casual and nontraditional as it sounds; we are a VERY laid-back bunch. Folks come to service wearing shorts and sandals and that’s completely fine. Pastor Bill comes from a traditional Catholic background himself, but I think he’s come about as far from that environment as it’s possible to come and still be a preacher. This is not going to sound like what you are used to, is what I’m saying.

Check it out anyway. It is awesome.

So without further ado, here is my favorite man of the (hawaiian-printed) cloth delivering my favorite sermon to date:

The Real Jesus, Part 2


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2 thoughts on “Getting To Mexico

  1. deborahvsgoliath

    Hi Debora,
    Greetings from Australia. I listened to the sermon by your pastor. Your direction determines your destination…..I enjoyed it. I am a worship leader…but I am currently doing prayer ministry. enjoyed your blog ….( are the people from your church ‘ those involved’ going to read your blog about the church probs?)


  2. Debora

    Deborah — some are, but I purposely wrote about it in such general, anonymous terms that only the folks in my church who already knew about the situation will really know what/who I was referring to. I’m trying to walk that fine line between sharing my journey as it unfolds, and unfairly infringing on other people’s personal affairs.


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