My blog has a new look, a new name and a new purpose. This will be my public forum; private venty stuff will go elsewhere. It was different when there was only a small handful of friends and relatives (most of whom live in other states) following my ramblings along this winding path of self-discovery and revelation; back then the thought that my words might be used against me or against someone else never crossed my mind.

Things change. My perspectives have broadened, and so have my readership numbers. My little blog has begun to reach places I never expected and to affect myself and other people in ways I never intended. So rather than allow it to become a tool for the unscrupulous, I’m going to recreate it in a new, safer form. Sure, I’m a little concerned that this will cause it to become so bland and inoffensive that all my readers will lose interest and wander off to more engaging blogs, but in the grand scheme of things that’s better than letting lives get ruined, right? Right?

Or I could just go live in a cave and make pretty wall drawings all day. I haven’t completely ruled out that option yet.

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7 thoughts on “New

  1. Change

    Change is pain and pain is creativity, transformation is in progress.



  2. vaughn

    Im still TRYING TO figure out how towork this. love vaughn


  3. kendall

    be sure to keep us up on the other blog, we want the meaty thoughts.


  4. Brooke

    you go girl! This is what life is all about…”Cha–cha–cha–changes”! Best of grace and mercy to you as you wade through all this life stuff. You are sounding way mello right now, too, by the way. Hope you are having an awesome day!


  5. Debora

    Pastor — True words, my friend.

    Vaughn — Your comments are coming through fine. If you can see them on the site, so can I.

    Kendall — Hopefully most of the meaty thoughts will still make it to this blog, they’ll just be written in a slightly more abstract/anonymous fashion to protect the innocent. I’ll try not to get too boring!

    Brooke — The kids are at Knott’s with their dad today, so I spent all morning puttering in the garden. Mellooooooww…. :^)


  6. deborahvsgoliath

    Hi Deborah,
    I wonder if one of the far flung places your blog is now being read in is Australia….lol. I think you are splendid. It is a shame to change because of the not so nice attitudes of others but very understandable. I also have been going through a tough time this past year as my blog testifies but like you I continue to trust in God and to love my community, family and self. So greatings to you, so far away. Greetings to your loving community and church. I hope the change is all you want it to be. God bless and warmest regards


  7. Mia

    I like cave paintings 🙂


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