Contributing To The Geekiness Of Minors, Part 3


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It’s hard to take Star Trek: The Original Series seriously in terms of plot, believability, acting talent and so on. Don’t get me wrong, the kids and I just finished Season 2 and we’re enjoying our almost-nightly episodes, but…we’re not into it for the realism.

Luke’s favorite part of the show is predicting which red-shirted ensign is going to die first in each episode. Last week we had a great moment when Luke was actually in mid-sentence: “Rest in peace, Redsh–” when a nearby alien suddenly decided to pull a dagger out of nowhere and fling it straight into the hapless ensign’s heart. Dude never even saw it coming, just fell dead in his tracks. Those shirts are LETHAL, man!

Elizabeth finds Kirk’s indiscriminate dalliances highly amusing. Some hot alien chick gets a close-up shot with the soft-focus lens and Elizabeth is all, “Oh, yeah, there’s gonna be kissing.” As soon as Kirk starts talking to the chick Elizabeth starts dubbing in her own dialogue in a sleazy Kirk-voice: “Hey, Baby. You look like you could use some kissin’, whaddaya say?”

Me, I just can’t get over how YOUNG they all are. They’re all smooth and fit and can dash across rocky alien landscapes with the greatest of ease! (I try to avoid watching the bonus material. Shatner and Nimoy look like a geriatric version of Laurel and Hardy in their recent interviews.)


Luke and Elizabeth have been coming with me to my worship meetings now that Steve is, for the time being, out of the picture. (I’m not sure which I find more illuminating: the fact that he hasn’t so much as called the kids to say hello since The Blizzard Incident, or the fact that they’ve expressed zero interest in calling him. Apparently there’s no relationship there at all, other than the one between Elizabeth and Steve’s PS2…she has mentioned that she misses that.)

Anyway, this works out great on Thursdays, because on that day the meeting is at the church and so is the youth group thing. So yesterday Luke and Elizabeth got to frolic amongst their own kind and play games and make crafts and Elizabeth whipped up this bit of glue art:


She calls it, “Kirk gets buried by tribbles.”

Oh yeah. Resistance is futile.

I think it’s safe to say that their assimilation is complete.

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2 thoughts on “Contributing To The Geekiness Of Minors, Part 3

  1. kendall

    I hope you’ll forgive me for the irreverent, ” praise be to roddenberry! “


  2. Debora

    He certain has cast a long and enduring shadow. :^)


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