Haircut, Again

Elizabeth got another haircut today. She just had it cut three or four weeks ago, but I had talked her into just getting more layers instead of chopping it all short like she’d wanted, and she kept grumbling that it was too hot on her neck. Elizabeth’s hair is crazy thick and when it gets too long it becomes a hassle, but she’d gotten it bobbed short about a year ago and I didn’t think the look was all that flattering on her so I’d been trying to talk her out of doing it again.

Well, she didn’t get the bob again. This time she went even shorter, so that there was no possibility of any stray hairs heating up her neck for at least the rest of the summer.

It’s very cute. Here’s the before pic:


And here’s right after, while it was still wet…


…and at home, after it had dried:


Adorable! And she can just comb it and go, there’s no styling or fussing needed. That’ll make things a lot easier when she’s away at camp this summer.

I like it a lot.

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One thought on “Haircut, Again

  1. Dee

    I really like it. I told her so at church.


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