A Joyful Noise

The worship music at my church is normally recorded and burned to cd each week. I was looking forward to getting our recording of “Blessed Be Your Name” and posting it here, since that’s probably my favorite of all our songs, but OF COURSE the week we sang it something went wonky with the recording equipment and no cd was made.

As it happened, though, that was the day I’d brought my camera and asked Elizabeth to take some pics for the blog. I’d also asked her to get a video recording of “Blessed” when we ran through it during the pre-church warmup session.

“Pan the camera back and forth,” I told her, “so everyone gets into the video.”

I had to laugh when I watched the movie she’d made: she’d followed my instructions diligently, WHOOSHING the camera from side to side throughout the entire recording. It’s a bit dizzying.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube. The picture quality is horrible and the sound wasn’t as polished during the warmup as it was during the actual worship session (and the sound quality on my little digital camera isn’t stellar anyway) and we didn’t make it all the way through this practice run without flubbing the timing and having to stop…but it’s still a fine, fine song and I wanted to share it.

If you start to get dizzy from the whooshing back and forth, just close your eyes for a minute. Next time I’ll clarify to Elizabeth that the camera doesn’t need to be in constant motion through the entire video!

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One thought on “A Joyful Noise

  1. Brooke

    Motion sickness level: 9 1/2
    Sound quality: 6 1/2
    Video quality: 7 1/4
    Letting Elizabeth do the filming: Priceless!

    Thank you for sharing! Love you!


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