You Should Have Seen The Post I Wrote BEFORE I Calmed Down!

It’s probably a good thing my Internet’s been down for the past few days so I couldn’t blog anything; sometimes that cooling-off period makes a big difference in what actually makes it online.

It was a pretty epic post though.

So. Where do I begin?

Recently I’ve been forced to come to terms with some things about Steve that I simply did not want to see during our marriage, even though they were right there in front of me. This isn’t a subject that I want to get deeply into on a public blog, but it has some major potential to threaten the physical, mental and emotional health and safety of my children, so it’s been weighing pretty heavily on my mind this past week.

And while I was mentally wrestling with this concern my sister sent me an email saying that our mother is in the third stage of renal failure and is basically circling the drain. And all I felt about that was relief. My mother is a poisonous sociopathic parasite, not to put too fine a point on it, and the world will be a cleaner and safer place when she’s out of it. I hadn’t been in touch with my siblings in months, but the day after that email my brother called me (collect) and asked me to pass a message on to my sister, so I called her, and during the course of that conversation she casually mentioned that she (her word was “we,” so she meant she and my brother at the very least) had known all along that Steve was fucking around with other…people (I really wish I could just type “women” here, but that would be, as they say, only half the story)…all throughout our marriage, and had COVERED FOR HIM.

Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of me finally hitting the end of the amount of outrageous personal betrayal that I am willing to tolerate from my batshit-crazy blood relatives. And there’s a FUCKING LOT of outrageous personal betrayal leading up to this point, let me assure you. I will leave my siblings in my address book just long enough to send them the URL of this blog post, and then I’m finished with the lot of them. I’m just…done there.

Okay, I think that’s all for today. Mighty pretty weather we’re having lately, isn’t it? I really think spring is right around the corner.

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7 thoughts on “You Should Have Seen The Post I Wrote BEFORE I Calmed Down!

  1. kendall

    dear dear lord. I just gotta want to reach out and do a bitchslap.


  2. Mia

    You know…I’m in the same boat over here. I have…with the exception of my sister and my dad, have written off my side of the family too. My brother is an idiot and slept around too. His marriage is in divorce court now and he constantly calls me to not consort with the enemy…him and my mother. Hasn’t taken a bit of responsibility for a damn thing either…and my mom is still wiping his ass. It is absolutely amazing what family will do. He even filled an Ex Parte’ claim against my SIL for going to AZ for a couple of weeks…that everyone one…including him, knew about. GL hun…and drop a line anytime you wanna vent…uncencored even 😉


  3. Debora

    Kendall — you and me both, dude.

    Mia — they say you can choose your friends but not your family. That may be true for the first 18 years, but after that I think you definitely have the option of cutting the toxic baggage and moving on, whether you’re related to it or not.


  4. Mia

    THat’s what I refered to earlier about walking away from those who are just toxic for you and yours. It’s so sad that the one component that’s supposed to be there for you come hell or high water…just isn’t there.

    People look at you wierd when you tell them that no…you don’t have to be friendly…just civil…or that you won’t let certain family memebers watch the kiddos (gasp!…but that’s their grandma!) Stick to your guns. You are a great mother…good friend. If you need help…I know we are a long ways away, but you know we’ll do what we can…


  5. Debora

    Thanks, Mia. Hey, we’re going to Disneyland for Elizabeth’s birthday, wanna come? :^)


  6. Mia

    What day hun? 🙂


  7. david

    Deb, I’m sorry you are so hurt and angry. I never said anything about Steve because (1) I never saw the ‘acts’ for myself commited by Steve (2) I only heard rumors from old friends, (3)you and Steven made it clear from the start that you wanted us to stay clear of your Relationship.

    As for Steven, Its not our fault that your Love was Blind. He,nor his family, has ever said, called or emailed anything negative about you to me

    As for Mom, “There but for the grace of God go I.” I forgive her Damage and Pray for her still.

    As for you, I love you and I hope you will find your way.


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