Love Thursday: Grace

I don’t have anything very profound to say about love this morning. The truth is, today I am just a bit weary of the world in general. I’ll get over it, It’s just one of those days.

Meanwhile, Scott over at Caveat Emptor has written a poem about the same thing I was talking about a few days ago, and he says it better than I did, so I’m reposting the poem here with his permission:



like saplings in the wind
deceptively sure in bending
so as not to break
you know, intuitively, a secret
to survival in the bendy, windy world
there is a small that is not weak
a big that is not strong
so you choose to smile
to shift
to give
to take in
what you might keep out
arriving through indirection
where you didn’t know you wanted to go
are you dancing with us,
smiling girl, smiling boy?
if every soul deserves worship
and every soul deserves praise
let us bend, like you
let us dance, with you
another answer to the question
of this world
i kiss what you are
and smile


Happy Love Thursday, everyone. May we all find enough grace in our hearts to share with those who need it most.

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