Wordless Wednesday: October Ornaments

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: October Ornaments

  1. Those images are beautiful and the last one . . . yummy! Happy Wordless Wednesday.


  2. What beautiful photos !! Happy WW. 🙂


  3. Mia

    We have ours coming in…though they are still not ready to pick. We found a whole bush that crept in unnoticed in our honeysuckle. Is there anything you do in particular to make sure they thrive? I would hate to be kill off our happy find!


  4. Debora

    I mulch mine with horse manure, prune it up a little in the winters, and make sure it gets plenty of water in the late summer/early fall when the pomegranates are ripening. I’ve found it to be my most reliable tree crop every year. Congrats on your sweet find!


  5. what a great series of photos; like a tree filled with suns


  6. Debora

    Thanks! I love the images on your site, very creative!


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