Whew! My wireless ISP just got back online today — it was down for a week after being knocked out by last Monday’s thunderstorm. I have a backup dialup service, but for some reason it was connecting so crazy slow that it literally took four or five minutes to load a simple web page. More like splashing around in a kiddie pool than actually surfing anywhere. Not so much with the fun.

Meanwhile, I finally got that last shed cleaned out. Yay! Now I’m in the process of moving my tools and stuff into it and out of my pantry/dining hutch/laundry area/etc. Double yay!

One nice side effect of not being able to eat anymore is that I weighed in at 115 lbs today and had to go buy new jeans (size 2!!) because most of my old ones look like clown pants on me now. I think the last time I weighed 115 lbs. was sometime in 1997. Ironically, it was just this spring that I finally threw out all my old pre-pregnancy jeans, convinced that I would never fit into them again. Le sigh.

Some of the bloggers that I follow like to have different themes for different days of the week. Two that I keep thinking I’d like to adopt are Wordless Wednesday (images only), and Love Thursday (an image that captures the essence of love in some way, with a few words explaining the choice. I think starting tomorrow I might try my hand at those, now that uploading a photo isn’t a two-hour dialup ordeal.

My wireless, how I love thee. I’ll never never take you for granted again!

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