Water Fun

Every year the kids’ school offers an optional Saturday outing to some fun destination for a reduced ticket price. A few weeks ago the kids brought home the flyers; this year it was to be Hurricane Harbor (a water park in Valencia) for $25 per person.

This is the sort of thing the kids usually hand to me without reading, and I glance it over and drop it in the trash without giving it a second thought. But for some reason they not only read it this time, they zoomed right in on the idea with enormous enthusiasm. A water park three hours away during the coolest spring we’ve had in years? We’re GOING of course, right Mom?

My impulse was to tell them no, especially since elementary kids are required to bring a parent (that would be me, currently in full hermit mode). But apparently marital breakup guilt can be a powerful motivator for overindulging one’s children, because somehow I let myself be talked into it.

And it turned out to be a ton of fun! The weather turned hot in the nick of time, and I’d forgotten how much fun playing in water can be. The waterslides were a blast, but I think the big hit of the day was the wave pool. It created a nifty beach effect that was just intense enough to give the kids a thrill.

Hurricane Harbor is usually closed this early in the year, but a bunch of schools had gotten together and reserved a “private party” day. That meant there was no one there but students, their chaperones, and about a gazillion park lifeguards. It made for a very safe and casual atmosphere. I didn’t get a lot of pics (carrying a digital camera around a waterpark isn’t a stellar idea), but I did snap a few early and late in the day:

(That speck at the bottom of the slide is Elizabeth’s head. I was expecting her to come down a different one, so I almost missed her.)

I have only two complaints, and they’re minor ones. One…water rides are gravity powered. That means that the cooler the ride, the more steps you have to climb to get to the starting point. I climbed a LOT of freaking steps on Saturday. My calf muscles still hurt.

The second complaint is mostly my own fault. I was overdue for a haircut, so this trip was all the motivation I needed to hurry up and make an appointment. Long hair is a total hassle in a pool. I opted for a short bob, something that would be nice and manageable even after a day in the water. I had the hairdresser go ahead and touch up my highlights at the same time…it was all very cute and stylish.

On the bus ride home from Hurricane Harbor Elizabeth said, “I can’t wait to get home and see how light the chlorine bleached my hair. I wonder if it turned white like yours.”


When we got home I looked in the mirror and saw what she meant. A full day of sun and chlorine had bleached my pretty gold highlights to pure silver. Behold the whiteness of my hair — I look like a beach bum:

That will take some getting used to.

Still, I’m glad the kids talked me into going. A very fine time was had by all.

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3 thoughts on “Water Fun

  1. julia

    I think the ‘silver’ is a nice touch-and hey, how many people get to grow the silver out and get back their natural brown?
    Chelsea said she saw you all there, she had a blast too.


  2. david

    Who are you and what have you done with my sister!
    Hey,looks good. These days the fashion is bright blues and reds so why not silver?


  3. dsilkotch

    Maybe I should dye it blue and red while it’s in such a receptive state. 🙂


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