Adventures in Spelling

Last week Elizabeth won her fourth grade spelling bee, earning herself a spot in the larger competition against all the other fourth- and fifth-grade classroom winners, and a chance at the big HUSD Spelling Bee down in Hemet.

splngb.jpgToday was the fourth- and fifth-grade competition, and Elizabeth took 2nd place! That means she’ll be going to Hemet to compete against all the 1st and 2nd place winners in her age group from all the other HUSD schools.  She also won a nifty trophy and a $15 gift card for Barnes & Noble.  


I was proud of how well she did in the spelling bee today, but I was even prouder of the way she spontaneously and very graciously congratulated the 1st place winner as he received his prizes. No one told her she should do that, she just knew it was the graceful thing to do. My heart swells to see what a poised and kind person she’s growing up to be. As far as I’m concerned that’s worth more than a houseful of trophies.  

And in two and a half weeks — we’re off to Hemet for the District spelling bee! It’s pretty exciting. :^)

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7 thoughts on “Adventures in Spelling

  1. Anonymous

    Congrats to Elizabeth! (And to you too, Mom!)


  2. Did she lean into the first place guy and tell him that haircut makes him look like a girl?



  3. Jera

    The Anonymous comment above was from me, Deb.


  4. And the Aron Head post was from me, Deb. 😉


  5. dsilkotch

    LOL! Too funny, you guys.

    And thanks. :^)


  6. Julia

    Way to go Elizabeth! What was the winning word?


  7. dsilkotch

    Elizabeth transposed the L and the U in “particular.” Then the other fellow correctly spelled “permanent” (there’s got to be another hair joke in there somewhere) to win the bee.

    The words get a lot tougher at the District and County levels. The list Elizabeth was given to study includes such gems as “beaujolais,” “ferraiolone,” “sesquicentennial” and “vichyssoise.” Yikes!

    She didn’t study much for the first couple of bees, but now that she’s drawn blood (so to speak) she’s been going at that list every day with a slightly obsessed gleam in her eye. Hopefully that’ll pay off for her in Hemet. :^)


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