The Evil, Vestigial Hands Of Time

Elizabeth had a nightmare last night. It freaked her out so bad she actually came in and crawled in bed with me and Steve, which she hasn’t done in yeeeeeaaars. I mean, at nine years old she considers herself to be “practically an adult” (her words), so it was rather unexpected when she showed up in our room at 4am.

I asked her what the nightmare was about. Any glimpse into the workings of Elizabeth’s Brain is a rare treat; she’s not really one for the oversharing.

“There was this clock,” she shuddered, snuggling up close to me.

A clock? Didn’t sound all that scary to me.

“It’s hands were vestigial,” she continued, “but it had big round eyes like hollow craters.” (Yes, she really talks that way.)

“Like those really old versions of Mickey Mouse?” I asked. Those old Mickey Mouse cartoons where he has empty gaping holes for eyes give me the wiggins.

“No, because they had these tiny pupil-holes in them that let light in…and monsters out.”

“Monsters came out of the clock’s eyes?”

“Yeah. The clock was hanging on a wall, and it had motion sensors in its eyes, and when I walked past it it said, ‘I can see your future.'”

I was beginning to see the creep factor now. “Did it tell you your future?”

“It said, ‘You will want to partay!!’ and then monsters came out of its eyes.”

“To, um, ‘party’ with you?”

She shuddered again. “Yeah. They were all made out of light particles.”

“Wow. Pretty scary dream.”


“You can stay in here.”

She couldn’t get back to sleep though, and she was still wigged out about it when she left for school this morning. When she got home she drew a picture of the clock, and titled it “My Greatest Fear.” It was indeed a very freaky-looking clock. It’s “vestigial hands” were tiny useless things in the center of its face, and it had huge round eyes and a big evil-clown smile.

She’s never been an afraid-of-monsters sort of kid. Gotta say…for a first monster, an evil fortune-telling light-particle-monster-producing clock is pretty impressive. I’ll probably dream about that damn thing myself tonight.

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12 thoughts on “The Evil, Vestigial Hands Of Time

  1. I used to have a recurring dream when I was her age that used to freak the livin’ ghee out of me.

    I would be standing in dark area. No features were revealed other than just blackness until a withered crone steps into view. She looms over me and after long moments whispers: “The sky is falling.”

    I would wake screaming. Every time.


  2. kendall

    Deb, that’s one impressive child.


  3. dsilkotch

    Aron — it’s funny what surfaces in the sleeping mind of a kid. My own childhood recurring nightmares weren’t terribly subtle; when I was very young they were about rattlesnakes and when I got older they were about evil undead incarnations of my loved ones. Really really glad I don’t have those undead ones anymore.

    Kendall — Thanks. :^) We have a running joke that she has alien dna mixed in there somewhere, we’re just not sure where it came from!


  4. Anonymous

    Good grief! I hope that was a one time only thing, because if I had to face that every night I’d never sleep again!


  5. Julia

    Um, I’m Anonymous.


  6. Jera

    Deb, I hope she’s over her creeps tonight!

    If not, you can always tell her what my Dad told me as a kid:

    1) It’s impossible to have a nightmare when you sleep with a light on and

    2) If you don’t have a nightmare the first night after something scares you, you’ll never have a nightmare about that particular fright in the future.

    As an adult, I know that’s not true, but because I still believe that emotionally since I trust my Dad, it still works for me.

    The only nightmare this doesn’t work for me with is dealing with Aron….


  7. dsilkotch

    She’s been very concerned that the clock will make a return appearance, but so far so good. We went through a lot of anti-nightmare precautions last night at bedtime, and they seemed to do the trick. Tonight she took a fierce-looking little toy to bed with her, saying that it had scared the clock away last night, so I guess she’s finding ways to deal with her worry. It’s so strange to think of her being afraid, she’s usually such a fearless little person.

    Jera — you can turn all the lights on in the whole house and Aron doesn’t get any less scary. I’ve tried. 😉


  8. Jera

    Last night I dreamed of Aron with this itty bitty mustache made up of clock hands…


  9. dsilkotch

    For real?? Too funny! Was there scary fortune-telling?


  10. An itty-bitty clock hand mustache? That sounds itchy!


  11. Jera

    No scary fortune-telling but somehow he still contrived to look very sinister. Especially when his third eye appeared.

    Well, come to think of it, he might have been doing some fortune-telling but I couldn’t make out a word he was saying – it all sounded like the grown-ups in Charlie Brown.

    I could tell he was happy though, because he did that throw-back-the-head-and-laugh bit that all villains seem to employ.

    Strangely enough…it wasn’t a nightmare. Just a weird dream brought on by our discussion, I suppose. 🙂


  12. dsilkotch



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