DAY 25

Thursday morning Aaron and Kris took us to a great park where the kids could unleash their energy on something other than the house. It had a terrific playground, complete with climbing wall…

…space exploration ops…

…all sorts of swings (that’s Mandi on the tire swing with Luke)…

…and a bunch of other fun stuff. Gotta say, Frankenclown sorta gave me the wiggins…

…but I’m not a fan of clowns anyway. Clowns are scary. And btw, see that kid with the red bow in her hair? Did Not Play Well With Others. She attempted to bully pretty much every other child on the playground, then zeroed in on Brendon. Maybe he looked like an easy target, being the youngest and all. Kris was not amused, and soon sent the little thug on her way.

We spent a few hours at the park, long enough for the kids to get all the frolicking out of their systems. But the fun was just beginning, because that evening we took Luke, Elizabeth and Mandi to the Fort Worth Zoo for its Halloween Boo At The Zoo event. Everything a kid could want: candy, critters, spooky decorations…

boo1.jpg boo2.jpg boo4.jpg

“Lasers charged; fire at will!”

Hang like an Egyptian…


I liked the cool pumpkin sculptures:
boo6.jpg boo7.jpg

And the kids had a blast in the Blue Room, where they got to see themselves projected into a tv image:


Day 25 was definitely an all-around success. :^)

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